For what activities can I use it?
The high-quality seamless leggings are made suitable for all activities like running, going to the gym, yoga, cycling, climbing, and many more.

Why are these leggings called seamless?
Seamless means it is free of sewing and stitches, making it an innovative product in the clothing industry. Seamless technologies use highly advanced knitting with flexible fabric that fits your body.

Are these leggings squat proof?
Yes, it is made of inter-woven and closed knitting material which makes it squat proof and offers body invisibility when you bend.

How do I know which leggings will fit me right?
Leggings come in different sizes, from minor to extra-large. However, the main thing to observe is that leggings should fit like your second skin. If less heightened persons wear large leggings, they will be pulling them up every five minutes.

Are your seamless leggings comfortable?
Seamless leggings are breathable, which wipe out the body sweat and make you comfortable if you are engaged in any activity.

Why are leggings better than shorts?
Compared to shorts, leggings fit right to your body and regulate the temperature of your body. Also, they wick away the sweat and make you relaxed.

How can I pay to shop?
You can shop via all major cards, including master and visa cards, AMEX, Apple Pay, and PayPal. 

When will my order arrive?
We dispatch your order as soon as it is confirmed. We usually take {} days for national shipments and {} for international shipments.

What are delivery charges?
We offer free delivery worldwide. 

To whom I can contact for more queries?
If any of your queries is missing from our FAQs page, you can send us further
via { }. Our customer support tries its best to resolve your questions within 24hrs.